• Relaxation week

    549,00 € HP (or 619,00 € VP)

  • Health Week "Falter" 575,00 € HP and 645,00 €

  • Healthy sleep

    555,00 € HP (625 € VP)

  • Health Week "Anti-stress"

    599,00 € HP (or 659 € VP)

  • Health Week "Back"

    580,00 € HP (or 650 € VP)


Your spa hotel, hotel and sanatorium in Bad Reichenhall


Welcome to Bad Reichenhall



Our hotel is located in the middle of Bad Reichenhall near the newly built RupertusTherme.


The health resort with its salt springs and salt marshes is the ideal starting point for a healthy recovery.


Bad Reichenhall, Germany's southernmost brine bath, has long enjoyed international recognition in the treatment of respiratory diseases.


The healing power of its natural spasms - the almost saturated spring solute, combined with the essential oil obtained from native pine oil, is supported by the mild climate of a fog-free and wind-protected talcum.