• Healthy sleep

    555,00 € HP (625 € VP)

  • Health Week "Anti-stress"

    599,00 € HP (or 659 € VP)

  • Health Week "Back"

    580,00 € HP (or 650 € VP)

  • Health Week "Falter" 575,00 € HP and 645,00 €

  • Relaxation week

    549,00 € HP (or 619,00 € VP)

Packs & Baths


In packs and baths mainly natural ingredients and additives are used, such as soothing herbs, salts, mineral earth and essential oils. These ingredients are not only caring for the skin but also take a positive impact on all other senses.

So relax and relax here with us in the beautiful spa resort of Bad Reichenhall. Escape from everyday stress, bring body, mind and soul in harmony. Immerse yourself in a world of well-being with our regeneration baths and body packs.



The different forms of the massage try to achieve a cure or relief in patients over so-called stretching, tension and pressure stimuli. The classic method allows the skin and the muscles to relax by direct physical contact and to harmonize the mood. Enjoy a variety of massages and pamper yourself in the most comfortable way.

Our newly equipped spa and the massage room are located within the house, so you can go directly to the massages from your room.


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Respiratory infections are among the most common diseases in humans. They range from simple colds to acute bronchitis to inflammation of the entire upper and lower respiratory tracts. If breathing is difficult, the respiratory tract is acutely or chronically diseased or the mucous membranes are dry, inhaling brings noticeable relief.

Rejuvenate with Reichenhaller AlpenSole - ancient remedy rediscovered.

We write "HEALTH" great for YOU!