• Relaxation week

    549,00 € HP (or 619,00 € VP)

  • Health Week "Anti-stress"

    599,00 € HP (or 659 € VP)

  • Health Week "Falter" 575,00 € HP and 645,00 €

  • Health Week "Back"

    580,00 € HP (or 650 € VP)

  • Healthy sleep

    555,00 € HP (625 € VP)

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Lowest day rate 84.00 EUR / person for accommodation, full board and tourist tax


Full board per person per day

(Day rates for accommodation, food and care)

Single room with shower / WC cable TV, direct dial telephone

84.00 EUR

Double room standard with balcony, shower / WC, cable TV, direct dial telephone 84,00 EUR

Double room comfort with balcony, shower / WC, cable TV, direct dial telephone 89,50 EUR

Underground parking per day

3,00 EUR


All prices include full board, 24-hour siesta, tourist tax and VAT.




1) Room inhalations

10,90 EUR

2) Apparatus-wet inhalation

10,90 EUR

3) Vibrational inhalations

10,90 EUR

4) Oxygen inhalations

10,90 EUR

Medical baths


32,00 EUR

Brine bath with a 3 percent soiling content

18,90 EUR

Rügen healing chalk bath

23,90 EUR


Wellness baths

Herbal oil bath

18,90 EUR

Goat butter cream bath

23,90 EUR

Cleopatra bath

28,00 EUR




Naturmoorpackung - depending on size

14,50-28,00 EUR

Heat treatments / physics therapy

Red light

6,90 EUR


6,90 EUR




Single physiotherapy

19,50 EUR

Respiratory Therapy

19,50 EUR




Large massages (several body parts)

17,50 EUR

Connective tissue massages

17,50 EUR

Connective tissue massage + respiratory technique komb.

23,50 EUR

Migraine treatment

23,50 EUR

Lymphatic drainage

19,50 EUR

Lymphdrainage every additional 10 min.

7,50 EUR

Manual therapy

22,50 EUR

Reflexzone treatment

17,50 EUR

Acupuncture massage

23,50 EUR



The medical services are calculated according to GOÄ.
(2.3-fold rate for medical services, 1.8-fold rate for benefits in kind) According to § 6 a, para. 1 GOÄ, the amount of medical expenses is reduced by 15%.
Health certificates or bathing (health) doctor's certificates can not be accepted during a sanatorium treatment.

Therapy and stay costs in our house are refundable under certain conditions:
Eligible for patients who are in the public sector or who are already receiving benefits. The Kurhotel Falter is recognized as a licensed hospital within the meaning of §30 GewO as eligible.
Tax relief for your sanatorium treatment as an extraordinary burden on wage and income tax.